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Global Investment Forum, Topic: Macroeconomic Outlook and its Impact on Decision-making
Video (40-45 seconds)
Location/Date: Madrid, Spain May 18, 2017

Le Point Sur Echiquier Global
7 septembre 2016

Un exercice insolite pour ces gérants qui ont de l'humour :)
 January 25,2016

Patrimonia, Centre des Congrès de Lyon 
24 septembre 2015

Le Point Sur Echiquier Global
May 13, 2015

David Ross on The New Emerging Markets
PrivCap Interview

Philippine Investment Forum 2014, Topic: Philippines: Beyond Investment Grade
​Location/Date: Manila, Philippines February 18, 2014

Colombian Investors Forum 2014, Topic: Local Investments for International Investors
Location/Date: Bogota, February 5-6, 2014

Private Equity Brazil Forum 2013, Topic: Allocating Assets to Latin America
Location/Date: Sao Paulo, December 9-10, 2013

 Private Equity Latin America Forum 2013, Topic: Investor Perspectives on Colombia
      Location/Date: New York, May 9, 2013 

Colombian Investors Forum 2013, Topic: Emerging Market Equity Strategies
Location/Date: Bogota, February 8, 2013 

Middle Eastern Family Office Symposium: Emerging Markets: What are the opportunities in a developing global landscape?
          Location/Date: Dubai, UAE, November 12, 2012 

The Peruvian Investors Forum, Topic: Public Market Investments in Peru
          Location/Date: Lima Peru, April 20, 2012
The Colombian Investors Forum, Public Equities v Private Investments in Colombia
            Location/Date: Bogota, Colombia, January 25, 2012 

Investment Opportunities in South America
Location/Date: Vienna, VA, September 8, 2011

Latin America Investment Forum, Topic: Latin American Infrastructure: Roads to Profitability or Bridges to Nowhere?
               Location/Date: Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 13, 2011  

Latin America Investment Forum, Topic: Latin American Macro Overview: Discovering the Best Investment Opportunities in the  Region
                Location/Date: Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 8-9, 2010 

Private Equity Summit for Institutional Investors, Topic: International Best Buys And Emerging Markets    
                Location/Date: San Francisco, September 14-16, 2010